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About Us

Established in 2019, we are more than just wood supplies... wood cutlery and high-quality wooden products, using only A Grade white birch wood. We have become a Premium eco-friendly choice wood supplier in the wood cutlery market, ice cream industry, concession industry, food service industry, and craft industry.

We offer a wide variety of Earth-Friendly and Compostable wooden products such as wooden cutlery, craft sticks, match sticks ice cream sticks, ice cream spoons, taster spoons, tongue depressors, coffee stirrers, waxing sticks, popsicle sticks. We also are about to launch and add more full line of compostable products variety including paper straws, and wooden and palm plates. These items are Earth-Friendly and are Compostable.

Our customers believe in high quality wood products; however, we believe in more. We want to set the standard for your wood product needs, and other supplies and provide great quality products, at competitive pricing and great customer service.